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Rcshopers.com  dealers Shop endeavor to dispatch all orders within 1-3 working days. Should there be a delay you will be notified immediately.* Due to circumstances beyond the control of Drugs Dealers. ie some deliveries may take longer than expected due to strikes, incorrect address, Rcshopers operational failures etc.
It should be noted that, all overnight registered packages, are dispatched out of the company warehoure immediately after payment conformation.

Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances(EPCS).

Note: All clients should be entitled to an Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances. Before buying from the company. Base on the article
March 31, 2010, DEA's Interim Final Rule with Request for Comment titled "Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances" [Docket No. DEA-218, RIN 1117-AA61] was published in the Federal Register. The rule became effective June 1,


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